Design and installation contest of Piazza Arbarello, 8 / Società di San Paolo 2017

A “greenhouse” in the heart of the building!

New elements that seem to be born from the existing decoration of the space that are inserted in a delicate way within the spaces enhancing the architectural features of the building “Faculty of Economics”.

The language of the new elements borns from the desire to optimise their insertion, creating a virtuous dialogue with the aesthetics of the interior of the building.

Specifically, it all originates from the study of the most prestigious environment: the Commun Room. Its walls are characterized by the presence of large wooden frames: these lines, which draw and decorate the historical perspectives, are metaphorically extracted and recalled inside the furnishing elements through the frames of the structures Metal; They become the main sign that characterizes the new objects and communicates with the existing geometries of the building. Our “greenfurniture” recreate a greenhouse in the heart of the “Aula Magna”!