Inhabited window

Renovation of an apartment   /  Turin  /  2016
Photo: Serena Eller Vainicher

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“A room has by nature four walls. A room with a total glass window has three walls and a vacuum. A room with a decorated window has again four walls, one of which is transparent. And on this transparent wall continues the design of composition which is on other walls.”

Gio Ponti

An apartment with large windows overlooking the park of Montecucco Street in Turin. A wall that is trying to get in touch with the life of the house. A library-container-bench-door curtains, all tailored, “dresses up” the glasses and takes the user into a daily contact with it and with the view. A composition that is developing on the whole house and becomes booth-mobile tv, kitchen-wainscoting, bed. The use of white lacquered cane offers lightness and transparency, and revisits the classicism and the tradition of the material with a contemporary and dynamic use.

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